About our Group

We are a spiritualist group that has been together for over 17 years. 

We hold our Clairvoyance meetings EVERY Wednesday from 8.00pm till 9.00pm and Fridays 1.30pm-2.30pm at the Exhall Old School Community Centre. Exhall Green, Off School Lane, Exhall Coventry CV7 9GL. 


The Butterfly Spiritual Group originally opened it's doors in February 2002. Colin Moore was a great influence to our group's Spiritual beliefs. We still feel his continued support and guidance to this day and we display a photograph to honour him in all his achievements within his Spiritual work. Bring in the clowns, Colin. We have a prayer guestbook that you can join, this page unites all those sending out prayer to those in need of healing. See the healing page for more information. All enquiries - join our group on Facebook, what is on is updated every week.